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Your Delivery, Your Choice

Doorier is revolutionizing delivery with transparent logistics, aimed at keeping you informed along each step of the journey. We are in this together with you and offer you tailor-made deliveries for a personalised experience.


Our mission is to reduce the carbon footprint of each delivery by making it both lean and agile. Leaner supply chains aim to reduce the movement of packages by at least half. Agility in supply chain aims to make the process flexible to customers demand changes and will reduce costs substantially.

Customised Deliveries

We understand uncertainties and offer the flexibility of customising deliveries at all stages.

Timely Deliveries

We strive to ensure all deliveries are completed within the indicated times.


At each step, our supply chain aims to be sustainable and utilize resources efficiently.


We provide last mile deliveries within the same day. Our unique logistics model, built around a Zero Carbon model, allows us to deliver, effectively - with the maximum utilisation of resources, and efficiently - with the minimum delivery lead times.

We see our customers as our partners and friends. Our strength lies in offering them the flexibility to plan deliveries as per their convenience.

Our Warehousing As A Service (WAAS) offers storage facilities to companies involved in direct or indirect sales. Doorier will handle the stock management, distribution and home deliveries through the WASS locations.

Through WAAS, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of deliveries by at least 20%. This can accrue reduced costs for your business and help you focus on core activities.

Doorier GO lets customers take control of their deliveries. Through "GO" consumers can reschedule deliveries including the delivery address, the place to pickup returned packages.

Be it sharing food with friends, picking clothes from the dry cleaners, "Doorier GO" offers you total control through the delivery process. Your delivery, Your choice.

Getting returned products is both expensive and inefficient. We provide a zero hassle return management by picking packages directly from customers and sending them back on the same day.

Offer your customers zero hassle return service by picking them directly from the doorstep. This can increase customer satisfaction and also have your products back on the shelf within 48 hours.

Last mile delivery
Doorier GO
Returns Handling

Doorier GO
Top Features

Your Delivery, your schedule.

Tell us the when and the where. And we will take care of the rest.

Multiple delivery addresses.

Our in-house software give you access to manage delivery location easily.

Real time tracking

Know exactly where your package is. And we are even happy to make last-minute changes.


We ensure our staff and vehicles are well equipped to handle the safety of your packages.

Zero hassle return

Having packages returned need not be stressful anymore. We can ensure a 48 hour turn around times.

Green smiles

Ensure your packages are delivered with the least possible carbon footprint.


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